Why Track Incidents, Near-Misses, and Accidents at Work?

James M. Hoffmann
3 min readDec 13, 2023


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A company’s safety record is a strong indicator of management’s ability to mitigate safety risks and enforce adequate safety measures. It also indicates the company’s ability to implement policies and legal and regulatory compliance. For investors, the fewer workplace incidents, the lower the absenteeism rates and the higher the turnover and profit.

Some employers may be inclined to underreport safety incidents and near misses to preserve their safety records. However, this approach ultimately harms the company and its employees. Below are several key reasons why it’s crucial for employees to document near misses, incidents, and accidents consistently.

Fosters a Culture of Safety

Safety is a significant concern in many industries; ignoring it will do no good. By keeping track of incidents and near misses, companies can demonstrate their commitment to ensuring safety in the workplace. Maintaining an up-to-date of these events will keep employees on their toes to take safety precautions to keep the numbers low. Doing so also makes it more comfortable for employees to report incidents and give suggestions on improving workplace safety.

Identifies Trends and Patterns

Records of near misses, incidents, and accidents could help identify workplace safety trends and patterns. These patterns can help identify loopholes in your current safety protocols so employers can take appropriate steps to address the root causes of safety issues. This is great for employee safety, boosts productivity, and improves profit margins.

Regulatory Compliance

It’s industry policy in many industries to report and keep records of incidents, accidents, and near misses. Failure to comply with these policies and regulations could lead to hefty fines and damage your reputation. This could drive away customers, employers, and investors. To be safe, keep accurate records of these safety records and ensure compliance with other safety regulations.

Helps Understand the Nature of Incidents

Keeping track of safety events gives you a better picture of why, when, and where these incidents occur. This is crucial in pinpointing potential trouble spots and identifying hazards. You can also establish whether certain behaviors, work methodologies, and locations lead to these incidents.

Improves Risk Management

Companies can enhance their risk management portfolio by keeping track of near misses, accidents, and other safety events. In doing so, companies can identify risks, threats, and potential hazards and take the necessary steps to avoid injuries and fatalities. Companies can also use the same to establish controls and checks to ensure optimal workplace safety.

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