What You Can Do to Prevent Injuries in Your Office

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses take place in the private sector every year. Though it’s seen as a safer place of employment, there are many risks to working in an office environment.

The most common reason why these injuries occur is falling, according to the CDC. Office workers are 2–2.5 times more likely to sustain an injury from a fall than non-office workers. And this is not the only risk office workers may face.

Common Office Hazards

Office workers are routinely exposed to:

For most of these injuries, the causes have to do with the office space itself — how well it is organized, and how it keeps up with the recommended safety measures. Here are some tips on how to make the workplace injury-free:

1. De-clutter the Space

Additionally, the desks of employees should also be de-cluttered, to avoid any unfortunate events.

2. Have a Safety Code

For instance, if there is a light bulb that needs to be changed, employees should only use sturdy ladders if they wish to do it themselves, never office chair with wheels. Employers can also reward those employees who do a good job of keeping the code to encourage others to follow suit.

3. Report any Violations

The same goes for violations made by other co-workers. They are putting themselves and others in danger, and you should report these instances to your supervisor.

What Happens If You Get Hurt?

To make sure you are properly compensated and able to cover your medical costs, consider working with an experienced attorney. They can help protect your rights so you can focus on your recovery after a work injury.

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