James M. Hoffmann

Dec 4, 2020

3 min read

What is Workers’ Compensation and Who Qualifies in Missouri?

In Missouri, most employers and organizations with five or more employees must have workers’ compensation insurance. Members of an LLC and even big corporations are generally included. However, members of a partnership or sole proprietors are not covered.

If your business is in the construction field, you will need to secure coverage if you have at least one individual employed in your industry. This workers ‘ compensation law, which the Missouri General Assembly created, is best discussed with a St. Louis workers compensation lawyer whose knowledge and experience can benefit your claim greatly.

Workers’ compensation in Missouri helps in providing benefits to employees who sustain injuries or get sick on the job. Workers’ compensation coverage generally includes:

  • Medical bills due to the work-related injury or sickness
  • Payment to family members or dependents should the employee die from the work-related injury.
  • Funeral costs of the deceased employee whose death was caused by a work-related injury
  • Lost wages when the employee needs time to recuperate and, as a result, would not be able to fulfill the required contract hours or the full scope of responsibilities.

In Missouri, employers generally decide on the doctor the injured employee must consult. If an employee decides to consult his or her own doctor, then the cost of treatment will likely be borne by the employee in question. Organizations can also have a recuperating employee productively use their remaining paid time if their doctor’s appointments are scheduled during working hours.

As far as the compensation is concerned, the state uses the standard Missouri workers’ compensation chart to identify and decide the weeks an employee will be receiving benefits depending on specific injuries. On account of the significant involvement of the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation as well as the assistance of many St. Louis workers compensation lawyers, injured workers are ensured that they will receive what the law mandates.

The judges in the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation have the power and liberty to approve workers’ compensation settlements and even grant rewards associated with the injured employee’s benefits.

Employers who neglect to provide and offer workers compensation to their employees can possibly be charged with a misdemeanor. If found guilty, the employer can face a penalty of thrice the workers’ compensation premium due to a maximum amount of $50,000. Employers may also be faced with the accountability of paying for the expenses incurred for the injured employee’s medical and rehabilitation costs.

If the employer is found guilty of not providing workers’ compensation the second time, the employer can be charged with a felony.

There are exceptions, though, because businesses in Missouri generally do not need to secure workers’ compensation for employees in railroads, postal, and maritime because they are already covered courtesy of the federal law.

The following sectors may also be excluded from the Missouri workers’ compensation law: farm labor, domestic workers in private homes, direct sellers, qualified real estate agents, and sporadic labor performed in private homes.

Like any other state, Missouri is keen is ensuring that both employees and employers are protected against any workplace accidents. This is a priority. Because each case is unique, it is a good idea to speak with an experienced attorney if you have been injured on the job.