Preparing to Meet With a Workers’ Comp Attorney After a Work Injury

What to Bring to the First Meeting

  • A copy of your job description
  • A summary of the accident, including the date, time of the accident, and injuries
  • A copy of the written notice provided to your manager or employer
  • Photographs of your injuries
  • A list of any witnesses to the accident
  • Doctor’s report and other medical records related to your injury
  • Documentation of your lost wages
  • Copies of any documents, letters, or emails from your manager or employer regarding your accident and injuries

Questions to Ask a Workers’ Comp Attorney

  • How long have they been practicing law, and how much experience do they have in handling workers’ comp cases?
  • What is their approach to handling workers’ comp claims?
  • How often should you expect to hear from your attorney about updates on your case?

St. Louis Workers Compensation Attorneys



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James M. Hoffmann

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