Construction Workers — a Guide to Staying Safe on the Job

Thousands of construction workers suffer work related injuries each year.

The Fatal Four

  1. Falling, either from a ladder or from scaffolding.
  2. Electrocutions caused by wiring not being properly installed.
  3. Collisions with falling material from above or collapses.
  4. Getting caught between objects as they are being forced together.

Safety on the Job

  • gloves
  • masks
  • ear plugs
  • goggles
  • harnesses
  • hoods

If you do not feel comfortable with the training you have received for the type of work expected from you, let a supervisor know immediately. Also let them know if the right protective gear is not available for the job. Any machinery that you are expected to operate should be in safe working condition. Certain tools such as cutting blades and saws should have guards in place as well as an emergency kill switch. All machinery should have proper electrical connections as well as safety guards in place.

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